22-Oct-2020 : Plan, Prepare and Produce

In my last little write-up I spoke of the problems you can encounter when you research your family tree. The worst search result of course is the “dead-end”. This is when there is no apparent course to follow to get back to another generation. This situation suggests, logically, that the last person you found […]

25-Sep-2020 : Starting your family history

For quite a number of years now, getting to investigate your family history has become the fastest growing pastime. But for anyone over 60 years of age, what did you know about your family and close relations as a youngster? Probably very little. You may have observed several facts while growing up, such as […]

22-Sep-2020 : First steps

The first steps in starting your family history begin at home. If you still have parents or older siblings, ask them what they know of the family. Uncles or aunts on either side may be a great source of information – if they are willing to help.

When you can construct the ‘roots’ of your […]

25-Aug-2020 : Bruce’s Occasional Blogs

Hello Reader,

After more than twenty years of researching family history and drawing up family trees, perhaps a few words on the side-lines would be of interest on perhaps any subject.

I am sure we all find that Family History never ends – once started. Did we start in the right place, […]