This is a one-name study of Stockden. I started it in 1992 when I retired and it became so addictive that we travelled around all the Record Offices (RO’s) within reach that might hold any information on the name. We started with the Gloucester RO and from there to Bristol, Newport, Cardiff, Cwmbran, Swansea, Chester, Australia and New Zealand! I am sure there are more but as these were well covered by the IGI records we found we were well satisfied with our findings at those places we visited.

The reason for my doing this study was that I married Avril STOCKDEN from South Wales in 1956. In 1989, with her father, Wilfred George (1899) STOCKDEN, we were visiting Olveston in south Gloucestershire to see where he went for his school holidays in c1910. He had known young people of that village whose names were now in memoriam on the local parish church’s walls. So I said that one day I would do the family history of his Stockden origins. This only took about three weeks! So I widened the search to cover more names and places. It never stops and I can occasionally get sufficient news in to place updates on the Web site.

If anyone related to Avril’s line, or any Stockden line, would like to add old photos we would be happy to place them on the Web site.