05-Dec-2020 : The NEW LOOK

Some of you of a certain age group will remember far back into the dark post war period of 1947 when a French couturier came up with a clothes design which was immediately christened ‘the New Look’.  Everyone thought it was fantastic.  It did not take long for the public to applaud this attractive new style and the company’s fortune was assured.

Recently, the webmaster for my website informed me that things were not in good shape with the software used here and would I like him to change things around.  A few quick expert ‘zips’ with some ‘zaps’ and WOW!  Like the famous post-war dress maker’s adverts we now have a ‘NEW LOOK’ website. 

Now my old eyes needed colours that were a strong contrast between the background and the usually black type of the written word.  My first choice was an utter failure.  What looked like a cyan background came out too dark and the written word was practically invisible to me.  So, excellent webmaster that he is, he found a new set of colours which on the full screen appear much more as I expected. 

So I settled for the new layout with new colours and all the trimmings behind remained the same with easy access and readability.  As the webmaster said, making a decision was the biggest problem, so if reading this you feel that I should have made a different decision, please let us know your opinion and even maybe a choice of your favourite colour, suitable for this sort of use.

I hope you will all enjoy the new format and find answers to any RAYNER, STOCKDEN, SPURGEON and DISS queries you may have.  Enjoy,


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2 Responses to 05-Dec-2020 : The NEW LOOK

  1. Webmaster says:

    Hi Bruce,

    I’ve taken the liberty of composing a few words about the more technical aspects of your Web site’s design including WordPress, the new theme (TwentyTen), CSS, widgets, PHP, etc. If you or your visitors are interested, the article can be viewed at http://www.rayner-stockden.co.uk/the-new-look/ and there’s a link in there where people can discuss anything I’ve written, leave comments or ask me questions.


  2. Bruce says:

    My thanks to the Webmaster for his additional comments which explains to the more technical minded readers of the changes undertaken. This should satisfy some enquiries to which I was unable to clarify for them. Cheers for now, Bruce

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