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The purpose of my Blog, which I have just recently started, is to keep the new information up front as one-off articles for the interested reader of the families’ history referred to in the main sections of this site.  Although in the instance of the STOCKDEN Family History, there are so few people of that name, news of them can be extremely sparse. Many family history researchers limit publishing recent family information to a hundred years past as the Census records do.   But what does come can also be presented in my Blog followed by an update to the main section later.

This Home page only shows my most recent Blog posts.  You can access my full Blog via the main menu bar or by bookmarking http://www.rayner-stockden.co.uk/blog/. Provision is there for any feedback you may care to give or widen the interest of any subject that may come up and feel free to add any comments of your own.  I shall try to post something at least once, hopefully twice a month, so please make a note of where to find me and make a regular visit.

For that reason, much of my Blog will probably cover interest in Family History searches, of problems encountered and any personal activity that may be of interest.

These are my most recently added posts:-

  • 20-Nov-2020 : More on Old Family History
    After my last few words on old family history research which referred to Wills made in the days of the quill pen, I have been able to ‘decipher’ a Will of 1743, made by Joseph RAYNER the Elder.  (1667-1747). Now this was one that had scanned and printed very well and was quite readable.  The ...
  • 22-Oct-2020 : Plan, Prepare and Produce
    In my last little write-up I spoke of the problems you can encounter when you research your family tree.  The worst search result of course is the “dead-end”.   This is when there is no apparent course to follow to get back to another generation.  This situation suggests, logically, that the last person you found must ...
  • 25-Sep-2020 : Starting your family history
    For quite a number of years now, getting to investigate your family history has become the fastest growing pastime. But for anyone over 60 years of age, what did you know about your family and close relations as a youngster? Probably very little. You may have observed several facts while growing up, ...
  • 22-Sep-2020 : First steps
    The first steps in starting your family history begin at home. If you still have parents or older siblings, ask them what they know of the family. Uncles or aunts on either side may be a great source of information – if they are willing to help. When you can construct the ‘roots’ of your tree ...
  • 25-Aug-2020 : Bruce’s Occasional Blogs
    Hello Reader, After more than twenty years of researching family history and drawing up family trees, perhaps a few words on the side-lines would be of interest on perhaps any subject. I am sure we all find that Family History never ends – once started. Did we start in the right place, the ...

This site now has a large selection of information in PDF format and images from my research into the Stockden, Rayner, Diss and Spurgeon family names.

These are my most recently added items:-

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