25-Aug-2020 : Bruce’s Occasional Blogs

Hello Reader,

After more than twenty years of researching family history and drawing up family trees, perhaps a few words on the side-lines would be of interest on perhaps any subject.

I am sure we all find that Family History never ends – once started. Did we start in the right place, the right origins or end up with unresolved mysteries? How wide an interest should we take in the people we “dig-up”?

My decision at first was to follow the male line of my family. Needless to say, like so many Victorian situations, my grandfather turned out be registered with no father. In my childhood no-one ever discussed these things openly and certainly my parents never told their children. So it was not until I started my own family history that I discovered that fact. When I completed my investigations of the male line back to grandfather I thought “What now?”. As many other RAYNER researchers had exchanged their information with me and being helped by other people doing their own named families, I decided to collect as much Essex and East Anglia information on the RAYNER name and see what I could do with all the Halstead RAYNER families. I am now trying to put together an introduction and contents page to go with the sixty (so far) pages of completed trees.

Next time I will talk about the problems you can encounter.

Cheers for now,



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